Laws and regulations
The list of adopted laws and regulations in Serbia

Company Law

Law on Registration of the Companies

Law on Foreign Investments

Labor Law

Privatizations Law

Law on Privatization Agency

Property Tax Law

Personal Income Tax Law

Law on Securities and Other Financial instruments

Law on Share Fund

Law on VAT

Law on Financial Leasing

Insurance Law

Law on Accounting and Auditing

Law on Tax Administration and Tax Procedure

Consumer Protection and Competition Law

Law of Foreign Exchange Transaction

Law on Advertising

Law on Financial Capital Founds

Law on Bankruptcy

Law on Concessions

Customs Law

Energy Law

Law on Games of Chance

Law on Banks and other financial institutions

Law of Foreign Trade Operations

Law on Civil Procedure and Arbitration

Antimonopoly Law

Law on Environmental Protection

Law on Safety at Work

Law on Telecommunications

Law on Trademarks and Copyrights

Law on Patents

Law on Models and Designs

Law on Planning and Constructions

Law on Social Security

Corporate Income Tax Law

Double Taxation Treaties Law

Free Trade Agreements

Law on Free Zones

Law on Associations

Law on Protection of Personal Information

Law on Standardization

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