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1) Our Law Office is specialized in field of domestic commercial & corporate law, having significant experience in providing legal consultancy services to foreign companies operating in the Republic of Serbia.

Representing begins from the first stages of formation and / or negotiation with domestic partners or investors.

After the start of cooperation with our law firm, the main advantage to foreign natural persons and legal entities is that we shall offer complete range of legal, tax, bookkeeping & real estate services in just one place.

Here are some general examples of business and law services we provide to foreign investors:

- establishing of corporations,

- drafting of business/partnership contracts,

- corporate meetings, assemblies, etc.,

- shareholder rights and transactions between owners, agreements on joint ventures,

- tax preparation service and planning, including bookkeeping and accounting services.

b) The type of the most popular and crucial companies could be established in Serbia:

Upon client’s or your direct request, we can provide you with comprehensive and detailed explanation of the procedure for establishing of a limited liability company (DOO: Serbian equivalent of LLC), in accordance with Serbian regulations, as well as more information about our Office and potential legal services that we can provide.

However, having in mind the limitations of liability, small founding capital requirement (EUR 1,00), broad scope of possible business activities (banking and providing insurance being the notable exceptions) as well as relatively simple foundation and corporate decision-making procedures, a limited liability company remains the favoured legal form for conducting business.

Kindly note that, pursuant to the Serbian law, it is also possible to establish other types of legal entities such as: partnership (Serbian: Ortakluk) or a joint stock company (Serbian: Akcionarsko društvo) and also representative office (Serbian: Predstvništvo) which has a non-residential legal status. Additionally, please note that companies may opt to conduct business through a "Branch office" company (Serbian: Ogranak), instead of establishing a subsidiary in Serbia.

We also have a special offer - everything in one place under a "service package". Law office provides a close assistance and active counselling to emerging companies and start-up procedures which include a wide range of important services - business, commercial & tax law, at one place by engaging our partners.

For example, we offer legal support and assistance during establishing of a company: by finding and providing temporary or long-term company business address (seat) in synergy with our partner accounting company.

c) Of course, after the registration is finished, we can provide "day-to-day" legal and tax advices, by concluding a long-term cooperation agreement on monthly retainer basis. Legal fees in connection with potential signing of the contract on legal representation in Serbia.

With this type of legal service the client get one of the major benefits by hiring a team of lawyers tasked with all legal aspects of this legal activity 24/7/365:

Mediation in various business arrangements, negotiation and preparation of draft agreements with your future business partners;
Representation in proceedings for obtaining various types of licenses/approvals from different state authorities (state inspections and other authorities);
All necessary legal logistics in regards to public procurement procedures, public tenders and auctions;
We offer other advices, legal support in dealings with public authorities and regulators.
Preparation of labour agreements, cancellation of labour contracts;
Employment contracts and employee relations, contracts with managers, general managers, cancelling and labour rights;
Procedures, security rules, limitations for successful management and monitoring of director’s activities;
Authorization and limitation of a managing director, employees, etc.;
Representation in all possible inspection, court, tax and/or administrative proceedings;
Litigation proceedings – representation in different court cases;
Regulation acts needed in accordance with the Serbian Law (General Act on Health and Safety at Work, Fire Protection, Job Positions Systematization, Code of Conduct);
All statutory acts and agreements regarding employment and labour relations;
Contract interpretation, including breach of contract and enforcement, corporate matters, including shareholder disputes;
Commercial disputes, breaches, enforcements and debt collections.

d) Special services and consultancy for regulating legal status of foreigners in the territory of the Republic of Serbia

Complete regulations in regards to foreigners and their legal immigration status in Serbia, including: entry visas, residential business visas and working permits for foreign applicants. Registration of foreign and domestic employees, applying and requesting the residence permit and employment licenses for foreign employees.

e) Our Law firm provides offshore business services in all major offshore financial centres. We assist foreign investors in selecting appropriate jurisdictions four their business goals and purposes.


When your negotiations fail, and the only option is to go to court, you get business litigation attorneys who perfectly know their way around Serbian courtrooms.
Our commercial trial attorneys are experienced in litigation and are ready to defend and protect your interests in the court if your company is involved in a lawsuit.
You may see on our website a large number of domestic and intentional companies which we previously represented and represent now before Serbian commercial and arbitrage courts.
Whether your business is involved, or you receive a claim - our commercial attorneys at law will fight for your interest before the court (commercial court or arbitrage appointed trial).
We are drafting commercial agreements and as needed represent our clients in court litigations, arbitration proceedings and other forms of disputes: trial courts, labor courts, administrate & tax tribunals, arbitration or Supreme Court of Justice.
However, when appropriate, our attorneys also seek ways to resolve cases more efficiently via alternative methods, such is the mediation.

Areas of court litigation and dispute resolution:

- Commercial & corporate law
- Business law
- Mergers and acquisitions
- Labour and employment

>> More about Court Litigation process…

If you have any questions or need additional details do not hastate to contact us.


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