Debt collection

We are Serbian Law Office specialized in business & corporate law and handling of debt collection cases in Serbia.

We developed an expertise in this area and have so far cooperated with a significant number of domestic and international companies.

Sometimes, pre-judicial activities are not sufficient for debt collection, so we developed an expertise through court proceedings and have almost 20 years of experience in this sphere.

Our law practice usually involves two possible ways for collecting receivables on behalf of the client – first through pre-judicial procedure and then through the court procedure:

1. Pre-judicial (out-of-court) procedure:

Our Law Office would be obliged to initiate pre judicial procedures against the debtors which includes the following legal steps:

attorney warning letters through which the debtor is notified that the legal claim against him would be filed to the competent court;
negotiations with the debtor in order to reach a peaceful settlement of the dispute;
telephone calls to the debtor;
meetings with the debtor in order to determine the debt payment plan if the settlement is reached;
drafting of settlement agreements.

Law Office would also be obliged to undertake all other possible legal steps, and methods, to influence the debtors to reimburse their debts.
Firstly, we are able to collect company information so, that your may assess business risks in dealing with Serbian companies.

Further, we are able to provide you with a report on financial status of the debtor which may help you to decide whether it is feasible to pursue the debt collection at all.

In case our office reaches the settlement agreement with the debtor, it would be entitled to receive the percentage of the collected debt amount from the client in following manner:
Legal fees will be based on collected amounts and according to the separate agreement on reward based on success.

Of course, this is our general offer, but concrete percentage price list of possible debt recovery amount rewards depend on the number of cases handled.

Clients should also be aware of the fact that we will charge you separately for the legal work covering daily expanses and the time spent on cases. This is different from the case fees and these costs can sometimes be included and sometimes excluded from daily working fees.

Finally, if the debtor, after undertaking all legal action described in this point, still refuses to pay the receivables, than our Law Office can file the claim before the court against such debtor, and start the second phase – Court Litigation.

>> More about Court Litigation process…

If you have any questions or need additional details do not hastate to contact us.


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