Court litigation

If your company has a client with claims against the debtor/legal entity in Serbia, we would be pleased to offer you our legal representation in collection procedure to obtain a court decision and enforce judgment.

Our Law Office would conduct the complete analysis of the documentation submitted by the client and inform the client if the court case can be successfully initiated.

a) For the beginning of cooperation, during this phase, we will need to collect information and documents for our legal analysis:

- the subject of business deal with the debtor,

- full information about the present formal status of the debtor (business name, company address, tax number, directors or managers, telephone, etc...)

- documentation we need for analysis: invoice(s) or contract(s); customs delivery documents, declarations, etc.

- any written documents from the debtor which confirms existing obligations,

- total debt amount, etc.

- debtor’s financial and liquidity status shall be verified in accordance with the above-mentioned information.

Therefore, we could immediately start with cooperation upon receiving above-listed documentation.

We can also provide you with the approximate costs of court proceedings, etc.

Client would be obliged to pay all court expenses, including: court taxes, official sworn court interpreter, and judicial expert costs if required, including our fees.

The Law Office is obliged to provide client with the proof of payment of the above stated costs.

If the Court decision is in favor of the client, we will collect from the client’s side, along with the amount of the collected debt and interest, as well as costs (expenses) given and stated in the final court decision.

b) After receiving positive court decision our Law Office would initiate the appropriate enforcement proceedings before the competent court, which is necessary in case the debtor does not pay the debt voluntarily within the deadline given in the court decision.

After we obtain the enforcement resolution the court proceedings are officially over and the stated resolution is being enforced by the court by blocking the account of the debtor or seizure of assets, and transferring the money from the account of debtor to the account of the client.

In case we succeed in court proceedings and we obtain a positive court decision after which the client’s receivables are reimbursed in total, than our Law Office is entitled to an attorney reward in the amount (success fee) which shall be separately agreed with the client in each individual case.

This success reward shall represent a normal and standard fee percentage based on the percentage of the total debt recovery amount, while in regular procedure court fees must be paid immediately upon initiation of the court phase.

If you have any questions or need additional details do not hastate to contact us.


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