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Why invest in Serbia? Why doing business in Serbia?

The most frequent questions our clients ask, before making any decisions, during these last few years are Why invest in Serbia?

Or Why doing business in Serbia?

In this text we will unite all the advantages of business planning in Serbia.

Even though Serbia is a small country, there are many great business opportunities.

If you consider doing business in Serbia, here are some reasons why to invest in this beautiful country.

About Serbia

Serbia is a unique logistic and economic center of the Southeast Europe, located as a gate between EU and the Europe.

• It is a growing and the biggest market in the region.

• Hotspot for foreign investors, greenfield and real estate investments.

• Liberal laws, with competitive legal and tax advantages.

• The lowest profit tax in Europe, offering special perks for exports to the Russian Federation.

• Serbia signed Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA) with EU on its path to full EU membership.

• Executive Board President of one foreign company said for Serbia: It is just like home. We also aim to make you feel in Serbia just like at home.

Why invest in Serbia? Why doing business in Serbia?

Have a look at special business opportunities and advantages in Serbia:

"Serbia ranks among the top 15 European countries based on the number of foreign direct investments" by officially sourcing from "Ernest & Young," a globally multinational consultancy firm:

• Internally, with 7.5 million people, the Serbian market is the second largest in Southeast Europe;

• Attractive position of the country in the heart of Eastern Europe;

• Owing to its position on the geographic borderline between East and West Europe;

• Good infrastructure in the capital city of Belgrade, Serbia;

• Transportation recommendation from the airport of Belgrade to the nearest accommodation, hotels, and work site;

• Political and economic stability: GDP growth = 2,5%;

• Harmonized domestic law, with mainly EU legislative;

• Fast, simple, and easy establishment of companies,

• Internationally standard forms of companies include LLCs, branches.;

• Low cost of company opening;

• Mainly, no personal presence is required (remote opening);

• Any passport holder could be an owner or director;

• Clean relations between minority and majority shareholders;

• Transparency registering company among the others and by internet visibility.

Other advantages:

• No limitations or restrictions for business activities;

• No restrictions for foreign owners or managers;

• No deposit is required for registration;

• Low level of foundation - investment capital required;

• Business information supporter is available;

• Low cost of maintaining services after registering a company: tax and accounting services;

• Debt collection activities are more efficient than then before;

• Generally good conditions for investors-privacy and security of foreign investments;

• Right to transfer the income out of Serbia;

• State tax stimulation for new employees and new companies;

• Higher levels of foreign investment will not be permitted in any sector that appears, such as petroleum, banking, insurance, industry, etc. Otherwise, we will be getting stimulation using a specially tax-free government system;

• Low utility fees: gas, electricity, water.


• Internet connection and optical cables cover the country;

• Online operating businesses from start-up processing.

Labour cost:

• Reasonable salaries for the Serbian economy;

• Average salaries are low enough to ensure cost-effective operating;

• State tax incentives for new employees and new companies;

• English language proficien workers, employees, or local management;

• Highly educated employee, IT skilled;

• Workers have received specific know-how and adopted advanced IT technology;

• With a unique combination of high quality, wide availability, and cost effectiveness, the Serbian labor force is widely regarded as a strong business performance driver;

• Outsourcing, call centers, and other highly IT technologies and technical support services are in fastest-growing markets in the region;

• Regulation of the foreigner's status by easily getting work permits.

Tax benefits:

• Serbia's tax regime is highly conducive to doing business;

• Very low yearly income tax on profit-one of the lowest in Europe;

• Digital communications and applications before state authority;

• Usually, tax procedures for the VAT tax system;

• VAT rate: one of the lowest in Europe at 20%;

• The value-added tax is among the most competitive in Central and Eastern Europe;

• Possibility of legally avoiding VAT company status;

• Many double-treat state agreements avoid taxation;

• Modern bank systems and EU business standards;

• EU and other foreign banks are involved in more than 95% of the domestic market;

• E-commerce and online banking communication;

• Real estate market stability and acceptance by many foreign investors;

• Property market very fast growing;

• A customs-free market regime covers most key industrial products and countries;

• Special business opportunities and advantages only for Serbian companies: Bilateral Customs Agreement with the Russian Federation, Belorussia and Kazakhstan; free trade agreement with Turkey;

• The Republic of Serbia is not a fully EU member!

• Gate to Russian market and EU CEE countries!

Take benefits NOW!

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