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LAW OFFICE Belgrade - Serbia

LAW OFFICE was established in 1995 and since developed with much success due to the high professional level of legal services provided to both domestic and foreign clients in spheres of business law, corporate law, tax law, administrative law, commercial law, etc. All attorneys and legal consultants at Law Office have international education, practical experience and excellent understanding of the local market, which makes us capable of offering you our services and most practical solutions... We are also able to offer variety of accompanying services such is accounting, auditing and tax counselling, thus creating a synergy resulting in integrated solutions...

LAW OFFICE provides legal assistance both through commercial activities and in the sphere of personnel-related policy; we represent client's interests and rights before governmental and administrative bodies, judicial and legal institutions, law enforcement authorities, companies, corporations, other organisations, individuals; we ensure the safety of your business and protection of commercial information. Since the time of establishing, the Law Office has gained a reputation as the company providing clients with the highest quality legal advice, carried out at the earliest possible date. The high quality of our legal services is continuously proven by the professionalism of our lawyers. They are specialists in different branches of law and highly experienced in:

- Full legal services on complex business transactions;
- All corporate and commercial contractual matters;
- Registration of companies, rep. offices, branches, joint ventures;
- Changes in the structure & form, company ownership;
- Other legal and tax advisory service for foreign investments also based
   on monthly retainers for legal representation;
- Due diligence reports;
- Bankruptcy, restructing, mergers & liquidations;
- Counselling on greenfield & real estate investments projects,
   purchase & leasing;
- Legal services related to mortgages, loans, bank guarantees and other forms of
   financial transactions;
- Counselling on securities transactions and takeover bids;
- Legal representation of clients in administrative proceedings (inspections, etc);
- Negotiation and mediation on behalf of the client;
- Competition law;
- Arbitration agreements;
- IP protection, patent & trademarks legal counselling;
- In partnership with leading tax & finance, accounting and bookkeeping
   agencies, we are able to offer full support to your activities.
- New legal services, commercial investigation, legal and financial
   company standing

If you feel we could be of assistance to you or your institution, do not hesitate to contact us. Our staff will be more than happy to answer all your needs.

Yours sinceraly

M. Petrovic & B. Jovicic & D. Certic


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